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Ti Jean

Ti Jean

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Bring back our Childhood Memories

A perfect gift to celebrate the 55th Mauritius Independance day

Being a nostalgic myself I wanted to share some special treats that we usually would buy from the local Chinese shop back in the olden days in Mauritius. 

Ti Jean:

Large Gift Box

Haw Flakes (Losti) x 2


melody pop (bonbon soufflette)

animal bar x 2

Strawberry candy

Love Heart Candy Stick

Loacker Mini Waffer x 2

Maoam strips x 2

Mini Nutella x 2

Roll Text x 2 

Smarties Mini

mini easter egg x 3

Candy Necklace

Candy Watch


white rabbit (bonbon lapin)

roll text x2

giant mint x 2

peanut hard candy (bonbon pistache) x 2

eclair x 2

mint drops x 2

chocolate football

Note that some Hard Boiled Sweets are not suitable for kids under 5



Some sweets may varies in colour and flavours

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